Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Birthday Boy. The Big 27

My old man I mean my husband turned 27 on Monday the 10th. We celebrated with family and friends. For those of you who know my dad he is famous for his carne asada. Now you know what was Jason's request for his Birthday dinner....CARNE ASADA. We had a blast....the shmorgis board  (serious spell check I know) was awesome!! I was so happy that friends came on a Monday night...Thank you! I attempted to make my mother in laws cheese cake & yeah it came out crunchy as you can see below he he well the attempts shall go on considering J has to have it on Birthday's and Holidays!! I wish my mom in law lived close by = ) Blah Blah check the photos below.

Ps. Mami and Papi Thank you for making Jason's birthday perfect. We know we are Loved!


Jason's Birthday present from my aunt was a basket of hair goodies. I think he likes it... This is new to him he just started growing his hair back. He was on hiatus with it. The rock star is back!    

1 comment:

natalia said...

That was a fun night =]
I love you cousin!!

-Natalia <3

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