Saturday, December 27, 2008

Naughty List

i was so pessimistic. i was a brat. i deserved no presents.

i was not on santa's list!
for reason..I won't explain i was a ____________as stated above. i thought Christmas was going to SUCK! Till the very moment
we arrived at my aunts house. I should have been put in a corner. Geshhh somebody stop me i thought in my brain. Anyhoo
to make a story short or as short as I can make it. IT WAS GRRREAT (in that Tony the Tiger voice that i make).

we had a dance party.
had drinks.
ate more that i could.
opened presents.

all this fun kept us up till 4 AM! Then on Christmas morning Jason and I got on the computer and opened gifts through
web-came. it's so amazing how this little computer organizes our life,keeps us warm at night, feeds us, lol j/k 
But dang I love what this nerd devise does for us it brings home the bacon baby!
enjoy the slide. so you can get a feel of Christmas in our family.
I almost forgot to mention..during the adult gift exchange we had to dance after we got our gift!
O and yes I said sorry to everyone I was a pessimistic brat around! luckily they all forgave & still love me ; 0

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