Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cheers & Chairs.

I'm in New York now. I'm home now. The bus rolled in at 4:30pm. I walked straight to my room & was out the door in a jiffy....15min. to be exact. I remember being in 5-6 th grade and talking to my friend...Telling her all my dreams that would take place in the big apple. The city that never sleeps. It's funny..I never thought I could love a place so much. I feel safe walking around at any hour. Work had me come alone a couple years back and I loved it..I loved being alone. I feel safe. Today I had my own lil. adventures. This is my 7th time here..

My dream is to live here..In a studio.house.whatever just a corner for me.jason. and zoe. When that will happen? Don't know BUT one day.one day. When I have my princess book out and my classic pieces of clothing are being sold! ohhh joy  : ) 

$ I want to live some place where it's not a cookie cutter place.
* I don't need to see the golf course. I don't golf. 

% I want to dress fun. & funky..& not get weird stares. 

~ I want to shop on the side of the street & buy some earrings a woman just made. 

I don't want this to come off snobby. I'm Blessed and I live in a wonderful area that millions would love to call home. BUT I have always craved unique and fresh. A place that makes my creativity flow! New York gives me what Red Bull does to others....I need my Big apple. I want to make my dreams come true.

What does my man want? The head of our house? Well he has not seen the apple like I have. He has not taken a bite YET. he he but we plan on coming together soon. BUT with everything going on this Summer... Maybe this winter so we can ice skate. 

On another note...I leave you with some photos I took this evening in our snazzy hotel. These chairs are FAB. It's a new hotel that just opened up in N.Y. called..The Smyth 
( I highly recommend it) 
This chair is in my room. 



Pau said...

I Love NY too...I would love to wake up..have brunch at the Palace ...go shopping in SOHO...and walk back in my new Manolo's to my Park Avenue loft:) I was watching Sex & The City the movie last night and I love when Big tells Carrie "I got it" when they find their new apartment! Classic!

Pau said...


Marilyn said...

I'm with ya', I LOVE new york too, we try to make a trip there yearly. You're so lucky you get to travel as much as you do! I like SFC, but there's just something about NYC :)

Mari said...

These chairs are amazing! The red one matches my office at work..i want it!

Mari said...

NYC...love it there too. Last night i got a call from my little sister in Cali, she's moving to New York! Ahhhh yesssss, i'll get to visit her while she's out there more often :)

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