Thursday, March 5, 2009


Make it MarVeloUs!

MAKE it go VA-VA VoooooM

As of late I have had such an attraction to color. I'm talking Bright! I just came back from picking up my retainer...yeah I know, I'm old BUT I gotta keep them straight. Point being my retainer is HOT pink. It's ohhh so cute. Do you ever remember picking your little cases? Today I picked hot pink and lime green. Yeah I'm lucky I got 2 CHOICES. = )

Take a good look peeps color does something to our emotions. Do you agree? How does being in a bright room make you feel? Okay they are not blinding BRIGHT BUT they are an example. My favorite room is the 2nd one. What's yours? I know Angelina Jolie has been sexiest woman of the year..I'm fully aware that she 99% of the time wears black.BUT don't you agree she would be more stricking with ocassional color?! Don't get me wrong I LOVE BLACK. SOOO my suggestion to you is...IF your getting married use color! It is so refreshing. Play it safe if you always do dark.okayyyy But trust me color makes things FUN. If your in need of more suggestion, please feel free to contact me. Maybe manana I will share some poppen wedding examples. I know A LOT of brides are scared because they just can't picture it.....Maybe I can help???


How did that cupcake picture get here??!! Seriously..

I'm guessing that makes you happy.




Corrie said...

I love the purple room. Purple is my favorite color. My room is purple but that deep rich purple is beautiful. And I agree, color is fun at a wedding. I had a purple bow down the back of my dress and purple sneakers on. Even our mashed potatoes at dinner were purple (peruvian potatoes are naturally purple)! I love, love color too.

Corrie said...

PS Who wouldn't love to eat those cupcakes?

Abi said...

Oooh those cupcakes look yummy!

Marilyn said...

You're totally right, colors are beautiful and you've inspired me to brighten up my rooms, just looking at the different colors made me happy :)

Mari said...

I so agree on what you said in this post! I remember going into the Domino website a few weeks back (from reading one of your blogs) and fell in love with a bedroom they were featuring in lime green. That has become my next project. I'm having my hubby work on our bedroom next month with that color scheme...think rain forest :)

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