Monday, March 9, 2009

Thanxs Lord.

"Stop living by what you feel and live by what God says"
paula white.
I'm having a great day.promise. I just feel Blessed.
I like you so I'm sharing with you what my
spiritual calendar says for today.
I drove to work in peace.content & overwhelmed with God's beauty.
Nothing.nothing. can satisfy me like He can.
simply look outside.
After being at the museum & seeing all of His creations. Wow!
Being with my whole family on an outing.
it's times like that, that mean everything to me.
we have each other.
we have health.
times are tough.
times are changing.
But our love stays.
we stay.
"we fight & biker but our love will become thicker"
by: koko (me)

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