Sunday, March 29, 2009


Dear Diary, 

  I have been away from family lately because of being on the road. I have not had much alone time or just time to catch up with family and friends sooo. On this Sunday I'm thinking and missing my.....
our bed.

so many other things. I'm safe and sound in Chicago.Have a show tommorow then we head out to New York. Point being I don't want to sleep in starchy sheets....

Your Koko. 



Omar said...

I'm getting tired of being placed or not place, below the bed on your I miss list, mom, dad, both the dogs, and I didn't make it? This is officially my last attempt at being the worlds best big brother.


Big Brother O

"Who drove you to school and picked you up for 16 years!"

Pau said...

WOW...I feel your pain Omar..I thought I had been dissed..."What am I chopped liver??"

Koko Quiz said...

LOL. i MISS YOU BOTH!!! Dang I have sensitive readers. I love you Brother!!

You too pau. miss you...

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