Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Dress you up
 in my love. 

That's just what I love. Effortless beauty. Forget about spending endless amounts of time to perfect your hair. I want beauty in minutes. I used to take an hour or more to get ready. Now...I have a schedule, and time is of the essence. However I'm not about to look like a slob or wear jeans and a tee everyday. Noo nothing wrong with a cute tee and lovely jeans. BUT that's not me. I like girly wear.dresses. & shorts. I think you can look put together in nooo time. You just have to shop for a couple of those "throw" on dresses. On the weekends I try to wear a dress and cute sandals. 

Looking too done up is out! A little of this and that and you got it girl. Remember less is more. The dress above is the perfect example of a any day of the week dress. You can't go wrong. 



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Lydia Messenger said...

I'd have to agree:) I love summer dresses especially since it's so hot here!

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