Thursday, April 23, 2009

On my heart. In my dreams. On my mind.

Do you ever get that itch? The itch to help others in need?

A couple months ago I got a small group of friends together 
to make lunches (120) for the homeless. 
Then we went out to S.F. at night to distribute & chat. 
Nothing is more fulfilling than to bless others. Lately I noticed a bit of discouragement in me about helping...Because I figure that with the economy who has extra cash? But if I wait on others what will be done?! Change needs to happen and it will start with me! 
 If you have any suggestions of any organization that needs help... Let me know. 
I'm trying to shoot for a mission trip sometime this Summer...God can do anything right?
Africa has been on my mind & heart.

I know in my Blog I share about the latest trends but my real passion....
Is this! Being able to love & help those that need an extra hand. 
The soles of my nice shoes will break. 
I will stain my nice dresses. 
My purse will rip. 
trends fade.
But the memory of a child blessed with a smile lasts FOREVER!  
Once my business takes off. This is where you will find us. 
In another Country or maybe ours..loving & having the time of our lives. 

I have been on several mission trips. I want to go again!!!


Corrie said...

Karla, I used to volunteer at the Bay Area Crisis Nursery in Concord. It is a great place where children go where their parents are in some sort of crisis, drugs, homelessness etc. It is a catholic nun that runs they place and she is great! I love her to pieces. I opened a nonprofit just like hers here in Redding when we first moved here so I have spoken with Sister Anne a lot. And also I was just reading about an orphanage in Darfur that desperataly needs help. It is called Make Way Partners ( There is another one called Rancho De Los Ninos ( who are also in need of help. This one has disabled kids. I just read about them last night so it is funny that you blogged about wanting to help. I have that desire to. Hope you are able to find something that works for you!

Alison said...

I am going to Uganda in a couple months with a small group of peeps, through an organization called Children of Grace. It was actually started by this incredible woman and her husband who live in Danville! Check it out - - they take groups several times a year to put on kids camps for the sponsored kids and just to love on them and serve them.... I'm beyond excited :)

Anonymous said...

I love it. David and I were JUST (as in, 10 minutes ago) talking about this too! A friend of ours from church just got back from a two week mission trip in Kenya, and we were looking through all her pics. Looked just like your posts.
-Your cuz (that's too tired to sign up for Google blogger right now) Jenny

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