Friday, April 3, 2009

Webster Hall.

Location: Webster Hall
.New York. New York. 
I'm posting these pictures because out of every 
venue we have worked
 at Webster Hall is my
It's a pain in the butt to work at because it's 4 + plus stories...
I had a great work out thank you very much!
 Usually we are in Huge arenas.
 Each room is painted/decorated differently. Mucho Personalidad. 
Sorry the pictures are not good to look at but focus on the paint and detail...
It's totally the cameras fault! Geshhhh. Why is it that we always have to blame someone? 
The second photo is my favorite and I would love to have that similar "look" for my house. 

HOUSE update: I received a phone call and
 it looks like the process is rolling....
If you think of us
just say a prayer. 

Your Koko. 


Marilyn said...

Ooooh, that looks like a GREAT venue! and I can totally see pic. 2 at your house, it's beautiful :)

chef4l said...

Such a blessing to talk with you today. I know what little time you have and I was so happy we could chat! Trevor and I will keep you and the hubby in our prayers and I know God has beautiful things in store for you! <3 lydia

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