Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Domino. a la Quiz

Current obsession: All white. White walls.

Jason & I spent a couple hours and $$ this weekend at Barnes & Nobel. Goshhh we love that store. We grabbed every home decor magazine we could carry back to our table and went back again... To narrow the good ones, You know how some magazines can be filled with advertisement crap! I hate that. This time I see what he says...Ya know how men can be. He says this and that and I don't get it. BUT if you show me what you mean with a simple picture OHH I'm on the same page. So with that said we have a folder and those little tab things on every page. Now officially we are on the same "this is how our home's going to look like page" [WOW that was long]

Jason likes clean cut lines with futuristic furniture. I prefer the "I got it from grandma" looking furniture. I knew that the two could look "ok" together but Jason let me see how amazing the two go together to create a comfy vibe. I guess that was my whole concern...I want our house to feel like home...

On Monday we spent the day in the city..We ended up in the home section & had a blast. Being married rocks and I would not trade it for anything..Jason I love planning our home!

PS. You need to be an architect.

[ Not sure why but I think I might have over used "_quotations__" today. Still love me??]


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