Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's time.

It's almost time baby. I'm not sure I'm ready! The last 2 weeks I have been workin on my fitness...... Because bathing suite time is here. Are you ready? What's your secret? I feel like I know all the answers it's just a matter of applying it and making it a priority.

Since I have had my pups I notice I get more motivated to go on that run and walk.

I get the Take ME out look from my pups, if I don't take them out it makes me feel so guilty. Plus my brother's wedding is a huge motivator. I don't want to look back at those photos and say DANG it I should have hit the gym....ya know?

I love chocolate.I love ice cream.BUT I have a new love....Yogurt! It's lower in the calorie department [so they say]. Yesterday J and I had that for dinner. Yes, just yogurt. It was so satisfying. Have you noticed the huge trend in yogurt shops? My word it's the new fad. The one right around our house is packed at all hours....Not that I would know or anything ; 0


jasonquiz said...

Ok so I found some nutrition facts for this Yogurt fad....

It looks like its not really bad for you but not great either.

Corrie said...

Just make your own fruit smoothie. We blend up fresh fruit, some frozen fruit, a little vitamins with some water and whala! The girls love it and the best thing is I can sneak all sorts of things in it like flax seed and greens and they don't even know. I also walk while pushing them in the stroller and do a little taebo to a video at home. We have a pool so I know what ya mean about swim suits! Also, I have always had freckles and ALWAYS loved them! Kisses from God.

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