Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Do tell...pick one.


Grand adventures are part of who you are.
You are assertive with powerful energy. 
People feel like they are your close friend moments after they have met you.
You explore the inner meaning of life.

I headed over to Shelb's blog and saw the cool color test thingy she displayed and had to share my results through my favorite color. SOO What's yours? Check out here to see what your favorite color says about you! 
Thanks Paper Source. 

Stop back in and share what your color says about you. 


Danielle Renee said...

he he I'm not telling what mine said, it's incriminating ;)

Mari said...

My two favorites in this order:


You are a great champion of the helpless and defender of the underdog. You have an amazing ability to get things done, as well as to fix things.

You are very lucky with opportunities appearing like magic. You are an enchanter, attracting people to you. You are open and enthusiastic

Koko Quiz said...

Do tell D. Hey I'll still love you!

Mari- wow I like yours! Let's trade. he he he

Corrie said...

Violet is my color and this is what it says:You are intuitive and have extraordinary abilities to find the center of things. You have an amazing ability to predict the future and have a great sense of fashion. You are a great advisor to your friends.
I am not sure about the great sense of fashion but all the rest seems to fit.

Koko Quiz said...

You guys are wonderful. Thanks for sharing so neat to read!

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