Wednesday, June 3, 2009

J UPDATE & my blabbb

Today we have spent the day in Sacramento...Further testing is being done on the huzz man. He feels so much better and has gained a bit of weight back. He looks gooood : ) It finally looks like we are seeing some clear direction. I will let you all know soon what they conclude or don't after all the testing is done. This last stop is Davis Medical Hospital{the extension}...Thanks to an amazing man at our church who overheard me fill someone in about Jason he stepped in right away and offered to help! It has all been so frustrating we have spent days and hours at the hospital and go home with direction and no conclusion.

This time around I decided to not stop seeking answers. The man from our church gets medical doctors together and reviews your test exams prays and meets with the rest to see what should be the next step. So that's why we are here....Immediately after meeting with them on Sunday he kept J's results & contacted me at 7 am on Monday morning. By Wednesday {today} he had already made an appointment for us. I have been deeply moved by this man's support and help. God has again lead me to see that there is wonderful people that call themselves Christian! It's tough to see that these days.....Nobody is perfect, I know.

My heart is filled with gratitude. On the phone I said Thank you for all you are doing...He replied I'm your brother in Christ this is what we do...WOW!

I have been asking myself this question lately....How do I show Jesus to others? Ya see it does us no good to sit in church raise our hands and walk out and be rude or unkind. forgiveness is something I struggle with. "Faking" it is something I can't do. Where do we draw a line?...I'm transparent what you see is what you get. This is too a flaw.

These days I'm trying to be approachable and confrontational instead of being hurt with someone or unkind...I ask. No more assuming that leads to bad thoughts and back talking. It's straight up. Life is tooo short to deal with these issues.

I have no idea why I got into that. Totally not the point to this post it was meant to be light hearted. Oh well.

If you are a Christian {not just call yourself one} I challenge you to smile at others you don't know. WOMAN you especially...I notice at any place most woman give others a stair down before you can smile. UMMM no don't do that. Be confident in who you are. Trust me it's obvious when you are not!

okay sorry...again! I must go now I'm done waiting and have a long drive ahead.


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