Saturday, June 13, 2009

Just for me!

I want! I have been wanting a personalized 
pillow just like this with Koko on it. 
I just need the time....

I put this one in just because...I like. I like. 
So if any of you like to sow. ::cough::cough:: 
I would not mind the first pillow. Just saying just saying. 
Hope ya'll are having a Blessed Saturday. Right now I'm in Pomona, CA having a great day but I'm missing my family my babies and my bed. I just want a hug, a hug from my husband. Being on the road makes me value us, what we have. Love..a love that's strong and meaningful. He's my best friend. 
Mrs. Quiz 


Marilyn said...

If I could sew, I would so sew one for the entire family! But I can't :( It'd be fun to take a class though, I'm gonna look into classes for me & Alia. Have fun in Cabo too BTW!!


Mama Quiz said...

Karla, How are YOUR sewing lessons going? Hint Hint!!
Love and miss you!! Praying for you and your family.

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