Thursday, June 4, 2009


These Phones are what I'm wanting in the house...BUT the huzzz does not think we need a land line. His argument is EVERYONE uses there cell phones. Is it bad that I just want a phone so that I can have a :::HELLO you have reached the Quisenberry's {message}::: he he  I have always wanted to do that. Plus the icing on that is the phone I want is from Pottery Barn {the first photo} Don't you think it's totally necessary to have a land line?? Be on my side. Pretty please. 




jasonquiz said...

Why pay extra money every month just to have an answering machine? HOw about I set you up with Skype # or something that is free and that way you can have a # for the house.

Think of all you can spend on when you dont have a home phone #.

Lyndsie said...

Karla just plug up the phone and PRETEND it works,

Corrie said...

I like Lyndsie's idea. Sorry, we are thinking about canceling our land line. Not really of any use. But you could have cute "pretend" phones at the house.

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