Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tour Time.

Reik is who I'm on tour with right now. I like to think of them like a Latin version of the Jonas Brothers. You can look them up on youtube, I tried to post a video but it's been restricted. Reik has 3 cd's out. Take a listen they are great! 

Here is where I will be.
Tour Dates..

June 9 Denver, CO 
June 11 San Francisco 
June 12-13 Los Angeles 
June 14 Phoenix, AZ 
June 15 Las Vegas, NV 
June 17 San Diego 
June 18 El Paso, TX 
June 25 Seattle, WA 
June 26 Portland, OR 

So my darlin readers help me out. I sometimes have down time I would like to know what you suggest would be cool places to have yummmy desserts {yogurt.cupcakes}. 




turtlelyman said...

Hey! I was so excited, because I am doing a road trip to Seattle, Portland....thought maybe I'd catch you, but alas no. Just off enough in dates! Have fun and be safe!

turtlelyman said...

Haven't been yet, but found a fun place to have "drinking" chocolate in Seattle...I will try and let you know! Sweet & Savory, 1418 31st Ave. S., Seattle, 206-325-2900: From your vantage point at this cozy café's counter, watch the waitress warm your chocolat chaud (French-style hot chocolate for $3.10) in a skillet over the stove.

Koko Quiz said...

awesome!!! Thanks a bunches....that sounds so wonderful.

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