Friday, July 24, 2009

Here it is...For you!

I hope your excited. I'm sorry I have had some of you on edge...For those of you that are my friends on fb I have heard no end to why I left you all hanging. Well, my apologies. I'm in LA right now hanging out with my sister in law soo I better make this quick as we prepare for a night filled with chocolate, ice cream, and drinks...NO diet here. Just a bunch of Gossip girl videos.

OKAY so here is the deal. YOU my friend can now contact me through e mail for fashion advice. Do you ever find yourself in a fashion slump? You have the event invitation in your hand but have no clue as to what you should wear. I CAN help YOU.

Simply e mail me with what the occasion is, your budget, and a description of what you in vision yourself wearing. Give me a week (5) days and I will send you images of what I suggest. Just know that the more information you provide me the more I can come to your rescue.
: )


Marilyn said...

This is actually great news! I'll never forget how you helped me with my wardrobe when I went to work after my 3 month leave of absence :)

turtlelyman said...

Fun! Not as exciting as I was thinking but way more useful for me ;)!

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