Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Today is July 1st. July is hands down my favorite month out of the year for Oh so many reasons, and for that I will share why with pictures I gathered that express a bit of the love. Hope you enjoy. I think I could have posted 500 more but these were the 1st that came to mind. 

My husband when he is tan.
Being with my family. B.B.Q.'s...Weddings. Parties {just because}
Road trip. 
The abundance of Strawberries. 
Pink Peonies @ Costco 
Breath taking sunsets from my balcony. 
Swimming while working on a tan! 

::Please share what you love about the Summer?::
Ps. My BIRTHday is....JULY 19th and I'll be a whoppin 25 this year.


down and out chic said...

it looks like we're both celebrating july birthdays!
that last photo cracks me up.

Mari said...

I'm looking forward to spending much needed time with my hubby and baby....bbq's, laying by the pool and getting darker then what i already am! :)

Happy Early Birthday!

Corrie said...

I love, love, love summer! It gets pretty hot here in Redding, 115 or so. So most of the time we are in our pool. I enjoy watching the girls learn to swim and getting a tan. I love bbqing and eating outside. Mattie's bday is July 3 (tomorrow) and I always love to watch the fireworks from our backyard. I like summer because we get to see family too.

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