Thursday, July 9, 2009

Take {Charge}

Sleeping. No clue as to why BUT I feel like I'm 80 pounds overweight and I'm always tired. If you know me....You know being tired is a pet peeve of mine! It's taking every fiber in my being to get up before 8:30am and working out sounds like walking through Egypt during the hottest hour of the day { no camel ride either}. With this said/typed I plan on doing something about it! I'm going to Whole Foods this weekend and buying a cleansing thingy. I think my body needs a break. I need to start over and get energy through my foods instead of praying that my triple shot drinks from Peet's do the trick. ENOUGH I say. I need to gain control over this. Do you ever feel in a slump? I feel that way....It's hard and this Summer requires me to be on my toes with everything that needs to be done. I share this with you my friends because just in case you feel the same as me I suggest you gain control of your health and emotions.
Pray and eat right! My mother is 4o something {can't say} and she looks and feels great. Sharing with her this morning made me just feel better. Mi madre reads everything about everything....What foods give you the best nutritional value...Blah blah I know that she could have been an AMAZING doctor/ health specialist. I'm proud of all the knowledge she has and hope that some will rub off on me : )
I used to make so much fun of all the pills she took for this and that. Dang now I'm taking notes...I'm approaching 25 this month and they say it all goes Downnnn hills well this girls going to start running the other way and Upppp the hill!
Alternative medicine is what she recommends... now a days you go in with this and that to a doctors office and what they end up prescribing makes matters WORSE.

Run woman. Runnnnn
Next week I will keep you all posted on what I learn as I change some habits.
Let me know what you suggest!
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dani said...

I am so glad you wrote this! I have been feeling like this for a little while now and your words were encouragement to do a few things myself! Thank you... Let me know what cleansing thing you do and how it goes...
♥ dani

Corrie said...

Eating better will help so much! I have also started a cardio kickboxing class 2x/week. Trying to stay active is key but yet oh so hard! It does go down hill and is a battle, I'm 32 and it is much harder. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions as I know a little.

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