Monday, July 20, 2009

Best Regards.

SoRRy peeps. My lack of blogging has been horrid (in a british accent)...
I have received e mails and texts with threats.
Thank you for visiting, If you like what you see or read please do share!
My 25th Birthday was yesterday...feelin old!
Turning 25 is a huge deal for us Mexicans, with that said this was thee biggest birthday celebration yet. It all began on Friday night and made it's way to Sunday. My family and I went to eat Afghan food. MMMMM good. If you have not had any before YOUR missing out! It's so delicious.

Husband bought me the new iphone.


Most important of all it was spending time with my family and really feeling loved.
They all made sure that this past weekend was special.
I want to pinch myself because I get so overwhelmed with Blessings.
Thank you.


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Anonymous said...

I was there too you know, you could have used the one with me in it! Love you butthead..

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