Friday, August 14, 2009

DRUMmmmmM==== rollll Please......

We finally did it. I stuck to my guns..I walked tall & strong onto that lot with a face that showed little to none of what I felt inside {excitement}. I did not want to get all wooo hooo before I saw $$$$ signs, We had a plan and goal...Ya see Jason's kind and patient he know's what he wants and waits and it was time.

We needed/wanted a car, a fun car. A car we can drive to Napa in with the windows down while we blast our music...A car we felt was "us" & you get it..

I negotiated and we did it. J & I got a snazzy mini!

Jason Thank you. I love being on the same team as you.


Pau said...

YAY! That pic of you under the sign looks super cool. Miss ya!!

Corrie said...

I love mini's! I am jealous. Can't wait to see yours.

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