Wednesday, August 26, 2009

NO. NO. no.

This has been a topic of conversation with most this past week....

I'm just not ready to say bye. The Summer seems to have come and gone before I got to say hello. I know I might sound like a spoiled brat due to several vacations taken BUT they have all been busy vacations. I'm ready for a "real" vacation. I'm ready for EUROPE. I'm ready for New York with my hubby. I might be going to NY for work in October and it has tickled my fancy. = )

Monthly savings has taken place for a trip down the streets of Espana.

Photos: Found on Flicker.

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Corrie said...

Our vacations have been go, go, go too. But I am so ready for fall. Ready to snuggle up. Ready for hot, honey tea. Ready for warm cozy sweaters and hot fires. Ready to be inside playing games with my family. Ready for slippers and sweatshirts. Ready for a little clouds, a little chill in the air. I am done with hot 110. I am through with being blinded by the sun. Swimsuits, I've had enough. Bring on Fall!

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