Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thankfulness. 2yrs. & counting.

Words don't seem good enough.
Summing it up is impossible.
My heart if full.
My mind can hardly comprehend.
But Jason I'm Thankful for you.
Your my partner in this life....

I want to pinch myself {not literally} but daily even when my patience runs low & my love does not shine through and I make no sense...I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that we were ment to be. I just look at you and I know God loves me that much more. Undeservingly I KNOW -we- were knit for each other. My hopes and dreams are with you & your my best friend.

2 years and counting......August 29, 2007 we said "i do"

ok page cut - - - - - enough mushhhh - - - - - - - Sorry readers - - - - - - - -

For our anniversary we went to see Wicked at the San Francisco Orpheum. Please go see it if you have a chance, it was spectacular!!!


Anonymous said...

Lori and I would be glad to see it if someone flies us out - gives us tickets - dinner on the bay - puts us up... so, we'll probably miss it.

Mari said...

I went to see wicked last year at the Pantages Theater in LA. I LOVED it so much I have the pink "Popular" shirt and know the entire soundtrack by memory...even my two yr old sings along with me in the car.
"Popular...your going to be popularrrrrr!"

Congrats on your anniversary. You two are a gorgeous couple! I pray that God continues to bless your marriage!

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