Tuesday, September 15, 2009

{layer it up}

I'm incorporating a lot of new things at work. As I was editing the schedule for the month of September today I realized what was around the corner...FALL! It's definely one of my favorite times of the year. I know I mentioned before that Summer needed to last BUT due to the craziness of it going from 150 degrees to 50 I rather it just stay PUT. So after doing all my things this evening I decided to post some pictures of things I love about the fall. Here it goes.

I'm a Peet's fan get that straight BUT I love me some of this.
Staying in and watching movies.

& a lil. snuggling.

walking at night.

Outfits like this. aweeee
I also notice I enjoy things being a little slower paced...the tunes I listen on my way to work go from booom boooom booom to Norah Jones. It makes things so Fall appropriate.


Mrs. Quiz

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