Monday, September 14, 2009

{Run for it}

The days are long.
Time somehow keeps slipping.

STOP & think. What are we or shall I say {I} DO to continue to run after what I want. I don't want to settle I have NOT settled but I need to keep running and keep my focus clear. I ask myself questions like...
What do I want?
What do I need?
What does God want me to do?
My fear. Regrets! I don't want any.
As I get older the fog in my head gets clearer and what was "everything" once is not. Enjoy
your right now and keep running towards what you {I}want.

What I'm living now is a dream. I'm Blessed & happily married {with 3 pups} it can't get better...maybe it can. : ) Maybe a bun in the oven?? teee he he he

These are my thoughts now. Maybe what I'm pondering is what you needed to hear??! Share if so.
My huzz man took this on our honeymoon in machu picchu, peru.
While sharing this photo came to mind.

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