Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Trying to snozzzzz

I would like to be like this.
It's hard to sleep....I don't like that one bit. I would like to be that woman that rises early and is a jump skip away from the gym to take a "run". Who are they? What do they eat? and I need friends like that! Okay I have a few but I still don't know the SeCrEt.

I need to start getting up early to hit the gym because the whole "I'll do it tonight" is a LIE yes I said it.... LIE. I confess I say that way tooo much knowing in my gut that I'm so not doing that.

But allow me to give you a scenario, I leave for work around 9am so get up around 8am I come home at all different hours but lately after 8 then after.... I have to run errands time....so like tonight I went to Trader Joe's {love that place} so I came home at 9ish.

Catch my flow? Were does time go? I would like more hours in my day. Thank you much! So now I'm hittin my pillow and attempting to shhh-n-ozzzzz away in la la land.

Ps. I'll try and share some anniversary pictures that I promised.

Mrs. Quiz


Pau said...

Do it at lunch time and eat at your desk. Would that work? That is what I do!!

Anonymous said...

Thought I would stop by and see whats going on in Karla's world :) I miss you and hope all is going well!

I'll be seeing you soon...When?? Well, I havent gotten that far...All I know is that I AM going to see you soon :)

Luv Ya!

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