Saturday, October 3, 2009

{Bestie}...i do.

She was cooler than a cucumber on her day. Glowing with joy & beauty...The stress that most woman experience.. never faced Danielle. That's just who she is..Happy.Simple.Calm.

My bestie said "i do" in early August.... I was her matron of honor {that makes you sound ollld} & hair stylist. The wedding was so them, Outside by the lake near huge Pine trees. Nature was a main attraction, less was more...and that was just the way she wanted it.

I love her for many reason and I wanted to share a snippet of her day. Danielle I wish you the best from now until forever! Your my better half {friend}. Love you always...

Photo: abiq photography

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Anonymous said...

Oh KOKOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I heart you!!!!!! Thanks for everything!!I enjoy all our talks. The more random the topic the better! :)


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