Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Extra 5.. 10 or 20....

Pounds that we can gain during this Season is horrid {I should say I gain}! It's so hard to watch what you eat when everything in site is mouth watering.

Peppermint mochas.
Pumpkin Pie.
Banana bread.
Chocolate chip cookies.

Must I go on?! It seems like the topic of conversation with my friends is baking. I came home today and saw that I got the holiday catalog for William Sonoma... I just love everything in it. So now here are a couple of my favorite baking must haves.

Hunny. You must have cuties like these to protect your hands.
I have this master piece....
not only is it beautiful but presh to work with.
{Silicone baking wear is glorious}
Anthro carries the most adorable aprons.
What is your favorite baking MUST haves?

Mrs. Q.

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