Monday, October 12, 2009

::::::Fall Treat::::::::::

We made our way down the 5 freeway on Saturday am. Thursday-Friday we were out of state. I have a husband that supports all my dreams and desires {within reason}. Sometimes {most of the time} I double book events and parties....This past weekend was one of those.

A great friend of ours knows my passion for fashion and invited us to attend the 1st night of fashion week. He just so happens to work for my all time favorite... the house of CHANEL. Chayne wears many hats in the industry and it was a great treat to be a part of a great night. After the show I had the pleasure of meeting the designers and looking at the pieces individually. With a full house and much press it was an honor to have him focus on us.

While I dream about attending fashion week in Paris, Chayne sat closely to the runway. Even though I have not it's great to get details shmetails of the IT & the NOW of Paris. On our way to Sunset Ave. his car jams were what played a couple days before for fashion week in Paris. Chanel had the song IN FOR THE KILL by LA ROUX. It literally ROCKS!! How appropriate is the name for a fashion show?! I think so. The song came out in March of 09'.

It just tickles my ear fancy to the 3rd degree. Check it out!
I just can't get enough of the British electropop.

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