Tuesday, October 6, 2009


The reason for the title waaamy is because my co-worker always says that when something goes well swell or better said waaaaamyy. The day went swell/waaaamy thank you very much! Remember that concept shoot I talked about? Well.... my friends this is a snippet of the marvelousness {I know that's not a word!}. abiq took this photo eye candy. More to come this is just a watcha call it?.....Sneaky Peek.

What do you think? The models were just perfect. beautiful. and great to work with. 8 photogs from around the Bay Area joined us for a field trip in Sausalito. It was great networking and having a play day!

mrs. Quiz

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Lydia said...

I was awesome meeting you at the Sausalito shoot, Karla! Awesome job styling it! By the way, was Fred Egan your wedding photographer?

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