Saturday, March 22, 2008

Nose Bleeder!!

On our way out. Ready for a good time. 
That's how we roll... 
This is when my nose bled. Up high and enjoying it!

Matchbox twenty & Alanis Morissette Concert was great! So honestly I have been a bit of a Concert brat. I have not sat in the Nose Bleed section in a long time. That was different.... But with my handsome/fun B.F.F. we had a blast. Well, he laughed because I could not see some of it and yes there was no screen and no glasses. Bummer!! Jason and I make it a priority to have fun with one another and enjoy life together. Going on dates is high up on our list of 2 do's... So if you have not gone on a date in awhile try it! Don't get me wrong I love being home but I can't stay in toooo long there is just to much to see out there. God's creations are amazing. 

So...Soak up some time with those you love or that "special someone" and Laugh! 

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