Saturday, March 22, 2008

Time Away... La Dulce Vida.

Not really.....That's Bora Bora HA HA 

Jason's Birthday get away was last weekend and it was breath taking. I love SHORT road trips..This one was 2 1/2 hours. Thanks to my tia (aunt) Gaby who let us use her cabin in Lake Berryessa our weekend was internet free! You realize how saturated we are with malls, internet, traffic, and just stuff when you get away from it all. The days at the Lake seemed long not because we didn't have fun but because it was just us and the beauty of nature that was calm and quite. I call myself a "city girl" and those that know me know that's all true.. However there is that Karla in me that wants a farm and lot's of kids running around. I want five kids 4 boys and one girl or maybe 2 ok six kids is my limit. Ok I'm getting side tracked AHHHH I hate when I do that. Anyways, I loved every minute of it. Walking around the lake with my husband and seeing all of God's beauty make me STOP and Thank Him for everything the little to the big all the leaves on that tree changing colors.... God does it all! I'm grateful and so blessed.

This is on the way. 

We had a drive through Napa a.k.a. The Wine Country 


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Mama Quiz said...

Our family used to go to Lake Berryessa all the time to go boating.That was the first place I ever water-skied. My brother(Uncle Bruce) had a boat.
loved the photos
Mama Quiz

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