Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spin Me AROUND at Beach Boardwalk

The sun was out...This weekend as well as the last and what did we do?? Take advantage of it by taking a little unplanned trip to Santa Cruz last Sunday which is about 2 hours away. My beautiful niece Alia (6) spent her day spinning and making herself sick on purpose on every ride with her tio Jason at Santa Cruz beach boardwalk. It was as if everyone in town got a newsletter to go out and enjoy the day. The smell of cotton candy. The sound of my niece and hundreds of other kids saying " I want to go on that one" and the waves crashing in sight was enjoyable as well as memorable. Not to mention before we went Jason and Alia took me to get my nose re pierced. No it didn't hurt one bit. Our friends from LA moved to Santa Cruz with there kids so we met up with them on the boardwalk. I never leave a festival- fairground or any anything of that nature with out my funnel cake with strawberry's and powdered sugar( sharing is not caring when it comes to my funnel cake) Sorry Jason and Alia...Get your own ; )

This Summer I plan on making more memories than the years past. With my best friend & husband by my side. On August 29Th it will be our one year anniversary and it honestly feels like it was yesterday. Today I feel a sense of excitement why? not sure I feel like something great is in stor
e for us. Every day is a new hope and a new sense of excitement for us.


Mama Quiz said...

Looks like fun, Steve and I used to spend a lot of time at Santa Cruz.We used to take Jason there also.I remember one time he ran out to the ocean and would fall flat on his face because of the tide going out. Is the old roller coaster still there, the wooden one, Steve thinks it was the Big Dipper? That was my favorite!
Mama Quiz

Marilyn said...

Wow, I'm shocked Alia didn't tell me about her experience, you and Jason are an awesome auntie & uncle!!! Love you guys!!

grace said...

That looks like so much fun! I live like 45 min from there in monterey and I LOVED going there when I was a kid. I like the video of you guys almost made me sick HAHA...good job jason!
You guys are gonna make some great parents one day!

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