Sunday, April 13, 2008

We start on the right foot.

Margarita mix.
The Pool.
Tanning oil.
And a smile.

Today and yesterday... We just sat by the pool. We woke up at 11 just like early birds. Forget making coffee and eating breakfast we need the sun! Ten minutes into our tanning experience we get a call from our cousin Nic.... we tell him our plan for the day....Nothing simply nothing and He's in along with his girlfriend Erin. They met us at the pool they brought margaritas and we called it a successful day! = ) Considering the night before we went to Spin a night club in Walnut creek and didn't come home till 4 am. with the "cousins" Thanks guys for keeping us young!

As I type I sit in my parents courtyard sipping a margarita and I feel like I'm on vacation. This weekend has be FABOULOUS!!! Now I'm off because on tonights Menu is Fish on the grill.. and dinner in the yard with the whole gang.

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