Friday, April 4, 2008

Tourist Time.

New Job+STUFF= Busy Time

Sarah came in for a week with Lilli and when I first heard that Lilli was coming well, I was excited. I had never met her but had already cared for her...she's my friends baby! Little did I know or think she would win my little heart as much as she did. Lilli's smiles can say it all. I was blessed to have them home with me for a week. It was a bit unfortunate that I had to leave them during the day while I worked = ( But I did my best by taking them to San Francisco twice. I love when people come visit because I get to be a tourist in the city's that I call home I bring my camera with me just like them and you'll hear me say ewwwww ahhhhhh look at that! I definitely think I live in one of the most beautiful city's in the world!! I captured what I consider beauty. On Saturday we went to the Aquarium and it was a treat I think Sarah and I had way more fun than lilli.    

To Lilli & hott mommy Sarah, 
 Thank you for making time to see Jason and I. We already miss you and look forward to seeing you both soon. I'll probably see you walking (Lilli)!!
xo. me

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Anastasia & Tiqvah said...

That's Awesome Karla!! I love the Photos!!!!
Love&Miss Ya.
-Anna xox

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