Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I was running late to the last church service at 11:15 Jason was already playing his bass..... The church is full and I can't find my family so I have no place to sit! I'm trying hard not to look completely lost in my own church. I found them and I have a huge smile from ear to ear... at that moment I felt overwhelmed with joy. My whole family now takes up a whole row at church and not to mention some of our friends came to church for the first time ever!! Your probably thinking SO... But if you know my family you know we are the smallest Mexican family you will ever meet. My brothers fiance is with us and my grandma from Mexico who a couple days earlier I re connected with her. The day was so beautiful there was a small breeze that would come as soon as you felt a little too warm. I even wore shorts for the first time this year and my legs where WHITE!! Don't worry I'm hittin the Tanning bed TODAY!

After brunch with the whole gang we decided to spend a little time together so we went on a LOOOONNNNNG bike ride. This bike ride required me not to use my beach cruiser this was toooo serious so I had to take my mountain bike. I'm thinking with the help of Jason it was approximately 8 miles.

I hope you all had a great Easter with all your loved ones! To my family in Idaho I really missed you all...We love you.

Now I gotta run tommorow I start my new friend is coming into town with her beautiful baby girl and... I have girls night TONIGHT!!!

ps. I'll share about my new job soon.


Shyla said...

you make me smile.
and I love your little mexican family. :)

Anastasia & Tiqvah said...

That sounds like it was way fun! I wish we could have been together on Easter! but hopefully we can see each other soon!! love and miss you,
~One of your little family members in Idaho~
Anna Xoxo

jasonquiz said...

Actually I believe (after looking at google maps) that it is actually about 12+mi

Rissa said...

I wish we could have seen you guys on Easter - but know that we miss and love you both. I can't wait till we get to see you guys again.

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