Monday, April 21, 2008

Time is on our Hands??!!

I have been feelings like the months are going by like days. I don't feel like time is on my hands...My days are going tooo quickly  with 40 + hours at work and something going on every night of the week. I need a vacation!! This week is my 3 day off weekend at I can't wait. Jason & I have a couple of great changes going on in our lives and now we have to prepare. We have decided to move into my parents house at the end of May so now it's packing time! Lord willing by August or September this year we will be moving into our own house. We are going to buy our own place I'm sure it will be cute,small, and perfect for the two of us..... I must say I'm really proud of us debt free and owning (lord willing) our own place. I know all of this is God's blessing. Trusting God with our future is all we can do we know He has nothing but the best for us. 

I have made time to hang out with my sister tommorow.. dye her hair+ dinner together+ wedding talk sounds Fabuloso! I'm balancing it all at least I'm trying. I can't let Laundry rule my nights. AHHHHH I wish there was a laundry fairy that would come every week. If she does after this blog I will let you all know. 
Please come fairy...I will leave a treat out for you! 


AG said...

No fair! We definitely need up to date fun memories! I'm on my way to The Bay!

Besos, Jessica said...


where are yoU! we need to chat... i had to track you down here! lol Call me!

Miss you....mucho!

Jes - from Betsey (well not anymore!)

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