Sunday, August 3, 2008

Birthday month gone....... bye bye

This JULY 19, 2008 I turned 24!! A big whoppin 24. Geeshhh This year I decided to take on my sisters tradition. She (Nene) celebrates her Big B-day for a whole MONTH! Now that's what I'm talkin about. 

We threw a "small" party at my mom's house of about 35-40 people and ended up inviting the neighbors and other friends an hour before the lil. Hello Kitty party. We had a Pinata (of course), played musical chairs, had hot dogs and burgers, and ice cream cake. I'm guessing everyone had fun considering Jason and I went to bed and people where still here. We felt old but could not hang after 3 a.m. I woke up and Eric had gone to bed only a couple hours before. The last guest left around 6A.M. 

I was so happy to see everyone happy. My family knows how to party. Pictures will be posted once I get them from my brother. Till then picture my super hottttt pinata that was the shape of a stiletto. Yes I'm a diva in training, that's what my friends calls me. = ) 

PS. This Birthday month  was sponsored by my caring husband Jason Quisenberry. Who bought me numerous cards and meaningful gifts throughout the month of July. Ladies please take note of this....If you start the Birthday month celebration through your dating relationship it will be an easier transition. Thank you amor for everything you do to make me feel like your princess. 

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hemant said...

Your life is very good and your party’s too good. I don’t know when
You are celebrated this party. But I can feel it.


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