Sunday, August 3, 2008

Erin Ambrose, Camping Gone.... Ritz Carlton

Yes this is a BLOG post BUT it is also an advertising tool....I now declare that Erin Ambrose is the best camping planner ever. If you would like to hire her she is for sale I mean available....But you must go through me first. I'm her agent you see and I need information. So, if you are interested in her services and desire further information you can fill out a quote request below. ; ) 

Last month or the month before can't really remember honestly we where invited to go camping with our cousins and some friends. Jason and I had a blast with them. We stayed up late around the camp fire telling stories some scary. Wahhhhh hhaaaaa  

If any of you want a luxury camping experience I HIGHLY recommend taking Erin as your camping packer, cook, adventure planner, and just about anything else you can imagine. I have been camping before ohhh yes several times before BUT nothing is better than her planning. Erin you rock!!! 

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Anonymous said...

Just thought i would post you some 'love' hahaaa, love and miss ya Karla!

ps. I will try to convince mom to let me make you an ice-cream cake so when you come out here you can have some! :)

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