Sunday, August 31, 2008

July Flew... Bye Bye

Fingers crossed we waited for a call from Jason's work saying we got 2 tix. to go see Jonas Brothers. We did! I took Natalia my cousin and well now I think wait know I'm officially thee coolest big cousin. 

Not only where we treated like V.I.P. but we got to meet thee Jonas Brothers up close and personal..Natalia looked out of it because I think she thought it was a dream. We walked in the amphitheater and thought are seats would be ok. NOT we where in the 8 or 10th  row. We got to our seats and they where covered in a V.I.P. thing. 

It felt so great to be able to take her to something like that. She feel asleep in the car with her hand leaning over her lap. It is THE hand that Nick Jonas touched her with. My aunt came into her room the next morning and THE hand was covered in a plastic bag she did not plan on washing it until well....I don't know!! 

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Anonymous said...

Hahahaaa that is tooooo funny! i told this lil' girl i babysit {she says she is going to marry him lol} about it, and now she is popular at school cous'e her babysitter's cousin in-law knows Nick Jonas hahahaa, anywho love ya!

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