Thursday, September 11, 2008

Family 1st

As Jason and I began to plan nothing but extravaganzas for our BIG 1 year wedding anniversary, We realized that by taking a trip like that we would not get to visit our mom, dad, and siblings any time soon. Money has not been falling off trees for us lately (I don't know why)  soooo we threw that big trip out the window and decided to travel. Our amazing friend Eric gave us one of his buddy passes so we traveld out there to see familia. After deciding that we called grandma and grandpa Quiz just to chat we then heard "Why have you not come visit us"....We looked at each other chuckled and said WHY?? Poor Eric got a call from us right after we hung up. Can we extend our trip just a weeee bit??!! To make the story short we went to Idaho, Seattle, and Canada in two weeks. While staying with the gramps in Seattle we took a ferry to Canada for 2 days to celebrate our wedding anniversary we stayed at the cutest little bed and breakfast. 

It was such a pleasure to stay with Jason's grandparents I had never been to there home and the last time Jason had been there was when he was 15!!! This visit as you know was long over due. We did so many fun things with them. My favorite moments spent with them was staying up so late talking that grandpas eyes where pretty much closed I would ask him grandpa are you tired??...LOL! I guess you had to be there. I think I asked them a million and one questions because there home is full of wonderful photos and tuns of albums of times when they spent weeks and months out of the Country. There life was spent accomplishing many dreams, now they golf and live in one of the most beautiful places where the sunset is ravishing and the ships cruise along the straight. Grandma is a woman with lots of style and class you can spot her cuteness from a mile away. Now Grandpa he's so kind and can play cards till the cows come home!! There is so much more that I can express about my new grandparents... I'll sum it up by saying they have hearts of gold. We will never (Lord willing) let tooo much time go by without visiting them.


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Anastasyia And Tiqvah. said...

We never saw the bubble-gum tree =(
we looked but couldn't find it.
Did the guys at the market throw the fish when you were there?
-love ya,

ps. update your blog!

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