Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I was mistaken. You are a reader.

Thank you for responding and your sweet words. I feel so motivated now to keep you updated. I hope you all can understand where I'm coming from.. I just was not sure if I had readers, so I wanted to see if I should keep up. I do have readers and I'm happy! = )

Jason and I have changed gears this past month and have tried to step it up a notch with work. We are trying hard to move forward so that we can accomplish some 
dreams of ours. Work, work, and more work. On the weekends we try hard to play and forget about Monday rolling around the corner. This past Saturday we rode our bikes (my cruiser) to Pete's coffee and talked. The weather has been just right in the Bay Area. 

For those of you that don't know... Jason is so excited that he is playing with Tommy Walker (it's the cutest thing- how excited he is) these next few days at our church. He has been practicing his bass non stop. I'm really proud of him. I feel like I can sing on the worship team because I hear the songs all day and have learned the sopranos parts. 

Off to bed I go.. with Tuffy sleeping by my feet and Jason drooling on my shoulder tonight will be a great night. ; ) 

Thank you again lovely readers. 

Sister-in-law- Lorissa I found this picture of you and Lyndz. You both look so beautiful I thought I should share it with you! I think this deserves to be put in a frame. 


Mama Quiz said...

Thanks for blogging Karla! Wow, didn't realize how much Lorissa and Lyndsie look alike!! I need a copy of that photo

Lorissa said...

I bought that hat! I forgot that I had it...

Thanks for keeping up the blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Karla, I check your blog, too! I love seeing what you kids are doing and all of your great pictures. You two truly add some sparkle to the Maclennan Clan! Keep it up, please. Love, Aunt Sue

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