Monday, October 13, 2008

Over the Hills we Went. To Tahoe.

Friday rolled around and boy was I happy. I made it a point to get to work early so that I could jet out my office when the clock struck 6. My boss (my brother) called me and let me go home early. Home ha ha I chuckled I’m going to Tahoe where the air is crisp and the snow is falling! 

I got home just in time to see that my amazing husband had done all the packing and loaded the car. I was the only item he was missing to cruise. We met up with our friends Paulina, Mike, Kat, and Omar in Tahoe. The six of us rented a house that fit 10 people! It was perfect for us. We needed a weekend to chill and smell the roses. On Saturday morning we woke up made breakfast went to downtown then headed to our 3pm horse riding appointment. It was only $30 for an hour!!! 

Paulina and Kat have become close friends of mine since Jason and I moved back to the East Bay. I was introduced to these beautiful ladies by my aunt who knew that moving back to my home town was going to be tough. Times and people have changed and those that where so close to me where now hundreds of miles away. Anyhooo these ladies are classy, respectful, honest, fun, and cultured. Kat knows this but when I fist met her I thought geeshhh what a snob!! Ohh little did I know that she was such a treasure. I always assume that first impressions are everything and that is so retarded. People change. People warm up. Not everyone is like me and I’m so happy about that!! Me on the other hand spill my life heart. Kat chooses her friends wisely and shares her friendship with those she feels will make her a better person. I’m honored to be called her friend. 

Paulina is blunt, funny, classy, and I feel like she is my cousin.... that I have known all my life. We speak Spanish together and talk about how funny it is to be Mexican. This lady travels all over the world. In the last two months she has been to Thailand, Japan, and Mexico. This new years J and I will be spending it with this 6 clan in Cabo San Lucas and staying in Paulina’s home!!!! Her heart is like a child. I feel I can be me around her. Dance. Scream. Say really dumb things. In Tahoe we moved the table in the family room and danced together like kids with "microphones" (Remote controls) for over an hour!

I share all of this because it’s a blessing when you find people like this. People that you feel share the same morals and standards. We all come from different view points on “religion” and we have spend hrs. talking about it (not arguing). Family is number one for us all and loving God in the best way we know how is everything. 

You want to know the icing on the cake? All of our men get along and talk for hours about computers,business, board games, video games, history, and lots of other boring subjects!! While we laugh at them from a distance. 

If you feel this way about your friends treasure them and show them you care. I see myself growing old with them. 


Marilyn said...

Awww, I miss dancing around in the kitchen with you!! That sounds like the perfect couples retreat, I'm glad you had a blast!

Paulina said...

Aww I have never been "Blogged" about before!! You said such sweet things..thanks!

jasonquiz said...

My horse was so HUGE. I love Pete except that he was so big that he did not realize that my head was smacking every tree branch in the forest.

Omar Murillo said...

Man. Im so jealous!! I wish I was there!!

Omar Murillo said...

Lucky Booger!!!

Mama Quiz said...

Jason you look like a midget on that horse!!

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