Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mas Tour Photos.

Yesterday was our first show and I was running around like a chicken. It was at a night club that was throwing a Halloween costume party as well (lots going on). What is it with me and the fascination of crazzyy fast paced action?! I split myself into 10 different people. What? WHERe? wHO NEEds that? DonE!! 

I have not really been with a team of people since last July and for those that know me well know that I love being in a plane and packing and talking and the list goes on..... Every night on tour is different. It's a new city, crowed, employees, and the technical challenges are fun (not at the moment). I'm excited to already have a couple of other gigs set for the month of December. Here is how we play. 

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Mama Quiz said...

Looks like you're having fun, hold things together girl, it's what you do so well. Love you!!

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