Sunday, October 19, 2008

Short I mean Short Cut?? Help me.

I'm normally not one to care about what others think in the sense of fashion. I have always thought that as long as I'm modest and classy nothing else matters.BUT the step I possibly might take is a little risky. Probably wayyy more than my pink hair.

Question: I'm currently tempted (like really bad). I want to cut my hair really short for several reasons...
1. It's chic & unique 
2. They (stylists I work for) say I have the perfect face for it. 
3. My husband likes it. 
4. It screams fashion diva. Long is tooo cute comfortable I want chic with a little rockin roll. 
5. If I want to do styling work I need to stand out in a fashion kinda way. 

Tell me your thoughts family and friends. 



Marilyn said...

I agree, you totally have the face for short vote, go for it! And if you don't like it, you can always grow it out :)

Danielle said...

What up woman!!
First time on your blog and I'm loving all of it!! You are so cute :)

Hmm... How short are we talking?? Like Posh Spice short? Long enough to put in a pony tail? I don't know... You have such beautiful hair!!

One things for sure though, you are one hot mama, and regardless of what you do, you'll look GOOD!!!

Danielle said...

Ok Karla, I officially read your whole blog! It only took me a little over an hour!! But now I feel updated on your life! And I can't wait to hear more about it. Ok,well back to work, or should I say, time to start work...

See you Friday at the PUMPKIN BASH!

Anonymous said...

Of course you should! i loooved your hair short, and plus if it sucks it always grows out. i totally think you should!
-love ya chicken butt
Anna Xoxo

Mama Quiz said...

Hummm...You look good no matter what it looks like. If Jason wants it short, I say go for it! It always grows back, live on the wild side!!

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