Monday, October 13, 2008

Toby Love Tour

I'm currently on a week long tour with Toby Love, a Latin artist. Right now I should be sleeping but I can't. Today has been a very long day & I'm unwinding on this gadget.  San Diego is lovely and so are the malls! I walked all day with a t-shirt on. Last night I was in the snow and tonight it's warm. Hmmm it's amazing how fast we can move around this world in a matter of hrs. 

Ps. I miss my husband BUT I'm so glad I brought my blanket  : ) 
tomorrow I will post photos. 


Marilyn said...

Lucky, I didn't know you were going on an artist tour, how fun! When you get back I'll have to tell you all about Alia's first week @ her new school, so far she loves it! :)

jasonquiz said...

hmmm I'm being replaced by a blanket!? Well glad you have your blanket Linus.

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