Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Never Noticed. Now I care.

WARNING: This is Blabber blah blah
NOTE: I'm venting. Nothing was professionally written

I remember being little. Being little and listening to grown ups talk about "boring stuff" housing market, money, politics, stocks, and all that "stuff". I remember thinking who cares!

It's amazing how as the years go by our whole take in life changes. What once was everything to me is now not. I never followed politics, to me that was a waste of time. NOW I think with a new mind and see with maturity. I followed this election since day one and stood strong for McCain and his beliefs. I feel like I could trust him no matter what our Country faced.

Now..I look at Obama with a new perspective. I'm proud of his accomplishments and hope to God that He will guide our future president. My trust is in Jesus and no matter how cheesy that may sound to some...I know who really is in control and with God on our side...we know the end result will be HIS will.

I have peace in knowing who really is in control. Now I'm wanting to pray just a little more. ; )

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Anonymous said...

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