Tuesday, November 11, 2008

SKIP November I want December.

Today: November 11, 2008 I have the day off!  Hellloooo it's Veteran's Day. 

I walked into Target with a smile.  Holding my peppermint mocha with pride and joy. I saw the color red and green, I saw red and green in every corner. I heard Christmas music! Yes I know that seems a bit much and I'm not a huge fan of stores putting out everything for Holidays like 8 month in advance because by the time that Holiday rolls around your (or I am) over it! 

This is the 1st year that I'm stocked. Like really stocked... We plan on helping/ volunteering somewhere where needed. My Christmas list has not been written and I'm not so much thrilled about presents this year as I am about the food that I will be indulging in. Okayyy I lied I LOVE presents. If your reading this husband man don't be fooled thinking I don't want a puppy or a camera or you know that perfume I want... he  he 

The month of December is booked! I have every single weekend booked except for one. 
* I'm doing 2 tours....
* We have 2 weddings to attend 
*Shyla will be coming and taking photos of me and my hubby buddy
*Omar and Nene will be taking there engagement photos and I get to help her look even hotter 
* We leave a couple days after Christmas and head to Cabo San Lucas with our good friends to celebrate the New Year in style.. I must admit that I'm thrilled beyond measure to celebrate in a beautiful gown in a very luxiours environment right near the water in CABO. BUT this will be the very 1st New Years I will not be celebrating with my whole family. We pray together and thank God for another year of life, direction, and unity as a family for the year to come. 

I admit I already purchased my Christmas picture top and Tuffy's sweater. Now I must work on Jason's attire...If he let's me. ; ) 

Family and friends enjoy your Holidays and love. love one another. 

 ugly Holiday sweaters will come out soon.  Christmas 07- Our First Christmas as Mr. and Mrs. Quiz

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Marilyn said...

AHEM, and don't forget Alia's birthday party! :)

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