Saturday, November 29, 2008


The day before Thanksgiving a few of us set out to hand out lunch bags out to the homeless in the foggy streets of San Francisco. It took me back to the times that I spent doing ministry help with Dream Center before I moved to Los Angeles. This time it was different. But  good. I felt safe I felt like I knew my way around. I felt like I could do that every night. I wanted to hug the homeless. I wanted to sit and eat with them. The homeless people are the most unselfish people I know! We offer socks they reply with "No Thanxs I already have a pair". I would just think about myself and put that into perspective....with my life. "No thanks Jesus I already have enough". I want to say that and mean it just like they did even after I would insist. This is just a piece of everything that I felt that evening. After this successful evening the small group that went out that night loved it!! I will be planning a quarterly night when we will go out again. We passed out 120 bags and socks. Thanks to my friend Kat, Kata, Jason, and myself we made those lunch bags in a fly..we played music and enjoyed preparing them. 

I'm so Blessed when I help and do something for others. It's not about just doing a good deed it's just so much more than that. I do it because I'm blessed and they need to see the love of Jesus through me while I just do what I should do. It's an act of love. 

The things you see break my heart. You can smell urine on them. You can see needles in one hand. You can see eyes that have not been shut because of fear and lack of peace. 

This post if not to brag about a good deed "done" this is to encourage YOU whoever you are to help in any way you can (God knows what you can and can't do) to help those in need. Weather it's food or just a conversation with someone who needs attention and affection. Sometimes people just need someone to talk to. Be that person who opens there eyes  to see those in need around you. Love so that you can see what true love feels like. 

*A bit vain note: It looks like I'm 300 pounds but thats because I'm wearing 3 shirts and a sweater and a scarf in my coat. GEshhh people don't be so judgmental ; )


Koko & Jason said...


Corrie said...

A job well done I might say. Great job Karla! I am so amazed at all the lunches, what a lot of work but always rewarding. Jason is lucky to have you (lol).

Lorissa said...

I'm glad you cleared things up about the 3 layers...I thought maybe I had won the bet and would be an aunt in a few months....just kidding! But really, that would be totally fine by me (as long as I was the favorite aunt or will it be tia?)

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