Tuesday, December 23, 2008

i Need Ohh LA la

i want to expose one of my goals for 2OO9..
Ready? Ready?

Every time I hear this song I can close my little eye balls and jump and walk the runway or what i make my runway.
I picture a fashion show.
Ladies not gentlemen I will be planning a fashion show for a Charity in 2OO9
and when that is set this song will make
my models WaLK!

I have a refined pal late in music so I will try to share my buds most treasured pleasures and share, share with you. ; ) lucky ducks!

***Click below to get some energy! Click below to walk the Runway of life in style.
SECRET: Tomorrow I will be sharing with you another favorite..something. Details to come friends. And no it's not music.


Anonymous said...

hey karla :)

I love hearing what you have to say. have a merry Christmas.


jasonquiz said...

I love the serious poses that all the band members have. Is it Magnum or Blue Steel?

Yeah for fun events!

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